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Welcome to the Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association’s

Message from the President
The Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association’s (QPPOA) new web site was created as a service to its property owners by the Management Team of the QPPOA.  Recently, the QPOAA received an extensive request for records from a Member of the Association.  Some of the records requested are available at no cost to all members.  However, the records requested went far beyond the typical scope and would have meant a substantial investment in time and costs.  Therefore, the Board of Directors decided to create this website to include the information requested – and more – for the benefit of all Members in good standing. You are a Member in good standing if there are no uncorrected violations regarding your property and all Association assessments are paid in full.

The information available here will help demonstrate what goes into the management of Quantum Park. It will include documents such as;  financial records, Architectural Review Committee records and approvals, DRI Annual Reports, lawsuits, meeting minutes, budgets, news and photographs of current interest around Quantum Park.   We will also be creating a members area that will contain information and documents specific to your property. This website makes detailed information readily available to you, while creating an open and transparent record for all our members.

Annual member meetings and annual budget meetings have been held since 1998. Notices of the annual members meeting and the proposed budget meeting are sent to property owners inviting you to attend. Members are encouraged to attend these meetings in order to understand the sometimes complicated issues that arise, to understand how the issues affect all landowners, and, to provide input to the Board of Directors. This enables the Directors and the Members to make decisions based on what is best for all landowners in the Park, and not on self-serving motives that will benefit one Member at the expense of all others.

Please visit the “Members Only” page for my Letter to the Members and more details on what the current Board of Directors is doing for you.


Douglas B. MacDonald

President, Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association, Inc.