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The Association

Site Plan

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Quantum  Park consists of 600 acres located in the heart of beautiful Boynton Beach, Florida. First conceived as a corporate park in 1987, the Park has grown into a vibrant, mixed-use development that boasts residential units, retail and office businesses, warehouse and industrial properties, as well as schools and public services. Throughout this time, the Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association has consistently worked to maintain and improve the Park while still protecting the value of its assets.

In this section, you will find links to information on topics from newsletters and governing documents,  to reports, plans and development documents.  This website is provided as a service to both members, and possible future members, of the Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association. It will be updated to provide you with current and on-going information that may be of interest. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d like your feedback.


Legend (Acronyms)

QPPOA Quantum Park Property Owners’ Association, Inc. ARC Architectural Review Committee
QPODD Quantum Park Overlay Dependent District QCDD Quantum Community Development District
DRI Development of Regional Impact MSDP Master Site Development Plan
SFWMD South Florida Water Management District LWDD Lake Worth Drainage District
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency